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Julie is a software engineer based in Portland, OR who likes to focus on the front-end and user experience. She fights for the user and cares about making tech a better place for everyone. In her free time, Julie dabbles in writing, comics, and firebees.

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If you like my work and are interested in supporting it financially, you can become a monthly patron at Patreon or make a donation via the Paypal button below.

Donations currently tend to go to the following:

  • Typekit account - $49.99/year - For shiny fonts on my sites.
  • Copyeditor - $20-30/piece (varies by time needed) - I want to pay a copyeditor to help improve the quality of my writing. ‚ÄčIt is important to me that I pay people for their work.
  • Donations - $50-200/month (varies by time of year, who needs donations, etc.) - Donations to causes I believe in.
  • Conference Costs - varies
  • Website hosting - varies, but roughly $5/month including DNS, web host, etc.


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