Julie Pagano

Going Veg*n...Again

I’m trying to go mostly vegetarian again. “Mostly” meaning that I’ll occasionally allow myself to have seafood (mmmm, sushi). I’m not doing this as a silly new year’s resolution – I just waited until after the holidays to make holiday cooking easier on my parents.

I’ve tried some flavor of veg*n a few times in the past. I’d love some support and accountability from my friends to try to help it stick this time, so please feel free to share tips (add info on github or tweet at me).

I want to keep track of the info people share with me and share it with others, so I’ll collect it here. These are mostly recommendations from others, so I can’t personally vouch for them. I’ll add notes as I try things.


Recipe sites


Miscellaneous vegetarian notes

Stuff that’s not vegetarian (but might not be obvious)

Miscellaneous vegan notes

Local options in Pittsburgh


Restaurants I frequent