Julie Pagano

Bad Ally Quiz

The topic of bad “allies” has come up a lot lately. Some people want to know how to identify bad allies. Others want to know if they are being bad allies. Below is a list of common issues in the ever popular internet quiz style to help you determine if yourself or someone else might be a bad ally.

This is not about any one specific person. It is a collection of issues myself and others have seen repeatedly from people claiming to be allies. If you take this personally or think it’s about you, you might just be a bad ally.

So come one, come all, and take the bad ally quiz! The points are mostly made up, but they sure do matter!


Give yourself points for each item that applies, even if it only applies sometimes. Items without a specified value are worth 1 point. For points assigned “per incident,” count all incidents from the last year. Be honest.


Interactions with the people you are allied with

Making mistakes



The higher your score, the less frequently you act as a good ally. Higher scores indicate you are probably not an ally at all. Below are some arbitrary scoring breakdowns I came up with.