Julie Pagano

Twitter Guidelines

A while back, I wrote about how I use twitter in On Twitter. I recommend it as companion reading for this.

Twitter at 2,000+ followers is very different from twitter at 200 followers. The once rare annoying, upsetting, or downright unacceptable interactions are now legion because so many people follow or retweet me. As a result, I have adjusted my behavior accordingly. Here’s a breakdown.

My policy these days is “block early and block often.”

Below are some general guidelines for my preferences on twitter. Follow them, and you’ll hopefully avoid a block. You certainly don’t have to follow them, but I also don’t have to engage with you on twitter. You are not entitled to my attention. :)

Arguing on twitter

I find long arguments on twitter to frequently be an unproductive use of my time, especially when several people are involved. It’s pretty much impossible to have a nuanced, thoughtful discussion in <100 characters. I will often ask to be removed from conversations when it becomes clear it is approaching this situation, so my mentions don’t become a mess.

Some people get upset about this. Tough shit. You are entitled to your opinions. I may even think they are valid and agree with them. However, you’re not entitled to have me listen to them.

Responding to people harassing me on twitter

I am generally ok with people pointing out that someone’s behavior is problematic if they are harassing me on twitter. However, please only do this if you can avoid the following.

Likely to earn you a block

All of the following are things that indicate you aren’t someone I want to engage with on twitter and will likely earn you a block.

Behavior that may earn you a mute or block

The following behaviors are less serious, but I find to be really annoying or distracting. They are likely to earn a mute and may earn a block.