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Firebee Dispatch #7: Better late than never

Sorry the dispatch is late this week and pretty light on content. I ran out of time to get it out between being really busy at work and prepping for the workshop on Saturday.

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Reminder: appropriation is an ally smell.

Considering that, why the hell is a man writing a book about being a woman in tech? That article barely even mentions the woman, Farai Chideya, who is the co-author on the book. There are so many things wrong with this. I am so fucking sick of men and corporations exploiting our stories for profit, press, and attention, while many women in tech can barely get support for their projects and businesses. FUCK THAT.

This lack of knowledge about how to properly handle trans issues exists industry-wide. On top of it all, there is an immense pressure to believe that these problems don’t matter, shouldn’t be discussed, or that they don’t exist at all. If we don’t fit in to “the culture,” in tech, we get iced out silently and forcefully.

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X-Men: Days of Future Past

Despite never reading the comics (boo, hiss, I’m a fake geek girl, COME AT ME BROS), I really like X-men because I enjoyed the crap out of the cheesy cartoon when I was a kid. I deserved some silly movie fun after this long week. Below are some random notes I took during the movie. There may be some spoilering below depending on your exposure to info about the film.

Overall, I am pleased because they retconned the crap out of X-Men: The Last Stand, which is a terrible film.


I made a fuck your culture in cross stitch print and hung it on my wall. I regret nothing about this decision. If you want one too, you can get them at society6.



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Donations Needed

In honor of dudes who are profiting off of women in tech, donate to some actual women in tech working to support themselves and others like them. Seriously, these are good causes, and it would mean a lot to me if you donated.