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Firebee Dispatch #13: Play in the ashes of what you once were

Our busy period at work is finally over. FREEEEEEEEDOOOOOOOM!

What I’m Up To

[Being] part of a particularly marginalized group is really frustrating, especially when you’re tasked for educating an entire artform and industry. People who say they are allies, with completely good intentions surely, form exploitative relationships instead of ones of care and mutual interest. These alliances tend to be particularly transactional, usually exposure for the marginalized so the powerful can cash in on their cultural capital, and is always more of a deal for the latter.

The meritocratic glow of Silicon Valley is so frustrating. It creates a pass for people who use things like the “culture” filter. What’s the culture filter? An easy excuse to be prejudiced.

Why is “Did you do this for somebody just because they’re black” an insult? “Did you do this for somebody just because they’re white?” isn’t an insult, and that happens all the time.

I want black people to be massively, undeniably successful, so that nobody can say anything.

In the News

In this week’s news, mainstream news outlets are awful.

Mass Media Musings


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As promised last week, I wrote a review (spoiler warning).


I have been slowly working my way through David Cronenberg’s films. I try to space them out to minimize damage to my psyche. This is definitely a Cronenberg film. It oozes (both literally and figuratively) Cronenberg. I don’t love the film, but it was worth seeing once for my brain’s film catalog.


Gilmore Girls

I am a little bit into season 4, and it is pretty meh, so far. Hopefully I’ll have something more entertaining to report back on next time.

My Writing

I wrote a review for the film Snowpiercer. It includes some silly notes similar to my old film livetweeting. Warning: review contains some spoilers.

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Julie’s Cooking Corner

The corner of the dispatch where I show you my attempts at cooking to help readers who are also inexperienced cooks.

Chicken & Chana Masala

This is a quick and easy dish to make. It reheats well, so I tend to make a ton of it and have the leftovers when I don’t have time to cook. I mix together chicken and chickpeas, but you can make this with just chickpeas (good for vegetarians) or just chicken (good for people who hate chickpeas—I am judging you).

chicken and chana masala with a side of garlic naan






This is Leon modeling my new mochi bunny friend.

cat with a mochi bunny on his head

Check out pictures of the shelter cats from my volunteer work this week.



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