Julie Pagano

Year in Review 2014

It’s not particularly uplifting, but I thought it was useful to review my year. As is often the case, I’m too lazy for longform, so here’s some lists. I’ll save my hopes for next year for a future post.

Community (or not)

I did community work, organizing, and activism in the tech community, both in person and online, for roughly the last three years. It took a toll. This was my last year.


Leaving the tech community has been really healthy for me. I have time now for other things that make me happy and fill my time. I have time for self-care. I will be focusing on that more next year.

Writing, comics, and other creative work

The top 5 most popular posts on my blog from this year are:



The World

Holy fuck, everything is terrible and broken. This year was like bad news after wave of bad news in a tidal wave of doom. I am not going to list it all out here. I have nothing productive to add.


This was mostly a really bad year for me, but things getting that bad pushed me to make some important decisions. I am proud of myself for stepping away from toxic situations and setting myself up for things to be better next year.