Julie Pagano


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You can contact me via my email for general inquiries.

I get a lot of email, so I make no promises about how long it will take me to reply or that I will reply at all. A concise subject that lets me know what you need from me is the best way to get a quick reply.

Do not contact me with…

I am using this as a quick place to list topics that you should not contact me about. This is to help manage my inbox, let you know what’s off limits, and help save us both some wasted time.


I reserve the right to publish any communications I deem inappropriate.


I am not currently interested in speaking to tech-related press. I am particularly not interested in participating in “women in tech” pieces. Please do not contact me about these.

If you are interested in having me write for your publication, please email me with details.


I am very happily situated at my current job. Please do not contact me.