Julie Pagano

I am a software engineer with over 15 years of experience that specializes in frontend web development. My depth in frontend is complemented by a breadth of experience throughout the stack and non-technical skills that multiply my impact through communication, collaboration, and leveling up the people around me.

Work Experience

Principal Software Engineer – Stitch Fix

Technologies: React, TypeScript, Next.js, Node, CSS.
  • Member of frontend platform team focused on enabling frontend developers to deliver high quality, maintainable, accessible, performant features for clients.
  • Led initiative to build a modern platform for frontend web development that enabled product teams to move faster and focus on delivering features to users. I drove this cross-team initiative from an idea to a platform that enabled teams to get up-and-running with a new project in hours instead of days.
  • Core contributor to the React component library for Stitch Fix's design system. Contributions include: core components, accessibility tooling and improvements, cross-browser automation testing, process and documentation improvements to streamline contributions from product teams.
  • Core contributor to platform tooling that drove best practices and standards across all customer-facing web applications.
  • Driver of browser automation testing to reduce cross-browser bugs for users and toil associated with manual testing.

Principal Software Engineer & Architect – New Relic

Technologies: Significant use of React, JavaScript, CSS. Some work in Node, Rails, Java.
  • Go-to technical leader for frontend product development across the entire company.
  • As an architect, I blended deep frontend expertise and strong non-technical skills to ensure teams made quality technical decisions that delivered value to users.
  • Critical contributor to the successful release of New Relic One, a new UI platform, by driving technical alignment and collaboration across dozens of teams and several offices and developing several tools to identify technical and reliability issues.
  • Drove growth in engineering standards throughout the entire organization by providing solid examples for my area of expertise and developing tools the whole company now uses to transparently develop, share, and improve standards.
  • As an individual contributor, I led frontend development and was a core contributor on critical, market differentiating features like Distributed Tracing and Health Map.
  • Organized the UI Community of Practice for three years, during which I significantly grew the community, increased collaboration across UI-focused roles, grew relationships across three major offices, and inspired similar growth in other communities.
  • Contributed significantly to the growth of other engineers through mentoring, coaching, sponsorship, and providing tools to help others do the same.

Lead Front-end Engineer – Seed

Technologies: JavaScript, React, Node, CSS, SASS
  • Developed this startup’s web application from scratch using React and Flux.
  • Lead developer on product architecture and core features working collaboratively with other teams including design, mobile, backend, and compliance.

Software Engineer III – Google

Technologies: JavaScript, CSS, Java, C++, internal Google technologies
  • Technical lead and core developer for large, complex projects developing features that improved the user experience on Google Shopping across desktop, tablet, and mobile.
  • Configured logging and experiments to evaluate the impact of new features. Performed detailed analysis of results, including custom analysis using C++, to inform product decisions.
  • Identified and fixed bugs in core Google JavaScript libraries.
  • JavaScript readability reviewer.
  • Community work: K-12 outreach, diversity outreach, speaking, recruiting.

Staff Software Engineer – Vivisimo, an IBM company

Technologies: Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, JQuery, Jasmine, CSS, SASS
  • Developed new user-facing features for a Rails application while working on a cross-functional team.
  • Refactored large JavaScript codebase to add tests and improve code quality and performance.

Senior Applications Engineer – Vivisimo, Inc.

Technologies: JavaScript, Ruby, Rails, CSS, MySQL, XML, XSL
  • Managed a team of three engineers in deploying and configuring software for customers.
  • Assisted with prototype development for a new software offering using Ruby and Rails.
  • Won an internal programming contest to develop a new product feature.

Student Web Developer – University of Pittsburgh

Technologies: PHP, MySQL, CSS, JavaScript
  • Designed, developed, and maintained a paper submission system for the ACM Sigmod Record publication.

Co-op Student – ANSYS

Technologies: JavaScript, CSS, HTML, C++, C#, ASP.NET, MySQL
  • Designed and maintained web applications for internal and public sites.


University of Pittsburgh

B.S. Computer Engineering, magna cum laude ()


  • Open Source Bridge content chair
  • Node.js Inclusivity Working Group – member -
  • Speaking – Write/Speak/Code 2017, AlterConf PDX 2016, CUSEC 2015 (keynote), OSBridge 2014 (keynote), PyCon 2014, Nickel City Ruby 2013. See juliepagano.com/speaking for more information.
  • Girl Develop It Pittsburgh – chapter lead and teacher Oct 2012-2014
  • Steel City Ruby Conf – organizer -