Hi, I'm Julie Pagano! I am a software developer in Portland, OR that specializes in frontend web development. My love of web dev started in the early days of the internet when the font tag and flame gifs were the height of style. The delight and creativity of my youth grew into a passion for coding and user experience that survived even the wost years of cross-browser sadness.

My depth in frontend is complemented by a breadth of experience with the rest of the stack and an educational background in computer engineering. Last, but not least, my non-technical skills multiply my impact through communication, collaboration, and generally being a badass.

My superpowers include: fighting for the user, providing opinions as a service (tm), and sprinkling a little pragmatic sugar on everything I touch.

Outside of work, I'm usually hanging out with my cats while reading, watching tv/film, or playing video games. I love the intersection of pop culture and art.

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