You can contact me via my email for general inquiries.

I get a lot of email, so I make no promises about how long it will take me to reply or that I will reply at all. A concise subject that lets me know what you need from me is the best way to get a quick reply.

Do not contact me with...

I am using this as a quick place to list topics that you should not contact me about. This is to help manage my inbox, let you know what's off limits, and help save us both some wasted time.

  • Requests to help with diversity in tech consulting. I do not do this professionally, and I am largely retired from activist work in this space. Please reach out to a professional diversity consultant and expect to pay them.
  • Feminism 101 requests. See my 101 off limits list for more details.
  • Mental health issues. I am not a mental health professional, so I am not qualified to assist with these requests. It is upsetting to receive these from strangers. Please seek help from a trained mental health professional, close friends, or family. This does not apply to close friends or people who I have explicitly discussed the topic with (you know who you are — this entry isn't about you, I promise).
  • Harassment. If your intent is to harass me, I doubt you're reading this or will listen to it, but seriously, don't do this. Per the disclaimer below, there is a chance I will use this opportunity to share your email with the world. Just don't.


I reserve the right to publish any communications I deem inappropriate.

Job opportunities

I am not currently looking for a new role. Please do not contact me with job opportunities at this time.


I am not currently interested in speaking to tech-related press. I am particularly not interested in participating in "women in tech" pieces. Please do not contact me about these.

If you are interested in having me write for your publication, please email me with details.

Where to find me