Writing about my experiences


Instead of writing this afternoon, I just took a long nap. I needed it, but now I’m back to thinking about writing. I’m having a hard time collection my thoughts into words. There’s so much going on in my head right now.

Something I can focus on is the past and my personal experiences. Fallout from these incidents usually includes inquiries about how bad the industry really is. When this question came up about a year ago, I wrote a protected post with a huge bulleted list of my negative experiences in the tech industry. I’ve been meaning ever since to share some of it more publicly.

What is the utility in sharing negative experiences? It’s to show that we’re not just “looking for things to get angry about” – I get this accusation (from both men and women) on occasion. It’s to share solidarity with others who have had similar experiences. It’s to let people know that they’re not alone. And maybe it’s to shock people who didn’t know these things happen into action.

I’ll be adding posts about these experiences. I think it’s easier to break them up than to post one big thing all at once.

I’ll add links to them here as I write:

My experiences in tech: Once upon an internship

My experiences in tech: Adventures outside the workplace

My experiences in tech: Death by 1000 paper cuts