Glossary of Humorous Feminist Terminology


I started making up humorous feminist terminology and wanted to keep track of it somewhere. I will continue to add to it in the future.


fainting couch of misogyny - The location for people who get upset when women use profanity or are forceful, but do not get upset when men do the same thing. (source)

firebee - A genetically engineered species of bee that is able to shoot fire. They have a symbiotic relationship with feminists. Their primary prey is the patriarchy. (source)

homeopathic feminism - Feminism that has been watered down so much that it no longer resembles feminism. Homeopathic feminism is often created in an attempt to make feminism more palatable to men. (my source, earlier source - great minds think alike)

keep your feminism DRY - Don't repeat yourself. When you get asked the same question a lot, write down the answer or find a preexisting resource with the answer. Then, link people to that, so you don't have to repeat yourself. Originates with the use of the term "DRY" in software engineering. (source)

man vegan - Someone who has given up on dating men. (from the film The Decoy Bride)