Would you like a weekly dispatch?


In case you missed it, I "left" Twitter. I even wrote a Dear John letter and drew a little comic about it. These extra steps will hopefully help me enforce that boundary I have set for myself, even when it is tempting to return.

I put "left" in scare quotes because I have not deleted my account. I am leaving it there for now, so I can still point people to my work or engage with people at conferences or other events. I am leaving it as a community and a place I regularly engage with, but I may still use it as an occasional tool.

Thank you for all of the supportive responses to this change. It is lovely people like you that made it really hard to leave. <3

A lot of you mentioned that you will miss hearing from me, so I am thinking about collecting my thoughts throughout the week and putting out a little dispatch with links, thoughts, and goings on. It wouldn't be the same as daily tweets, but I think it might be better than radio silence. Would this interest people? Would you read it?

I see a lot of people do this with TinyLetter, but that is not a viable option because it requires sharing your personal address. Considering issues with harassment and stalkers, I have zero desire to publish my address. Does anyone know of a safer alternative? Would you keep up with the dispatches if I just posted them here and tweeted the link out once a week?

Also, did you know that I started doing some artwork over at firebe.es. I think it's pretty cool, and you should check it out. There's even firebee swag over there.

Edit: You can now sign up for dispatches at TinyLetter. I got a PO box to resolve the address issue.