Speaking Info

Want me to speak at your event?

If you are interested in having me speak at your event, please review the information below to see if it might be a good fit. Please contact me via email if you would like to discuss further.


I am based in Portland, OR and am currently only willing to speak at remote events because of covid. In an aspirational post-covid future where I forget to update this page, I will likely be willing to speak at events within driving distance (e.g. Portland, Seattle, or neighboring cities)

Code of Conduct

I only speak at conferences that have a clear code of conduct or anti-harassment policy.

Costs (or lack thereof)

I am usually happy to speak for free at events and for organizations that are not for-profit endeavors, which includes a large number of tech conferences, user groups, schools, etc.

When speaking for for-profit events and organizations, I expect a speaking fee and coverage of all related travel expenses. Please contact me with more details if you are interested.


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Speaking Experience

See my speaking page